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Hitachi/IBM Deskstar 180GXP

Bare drive - Model: IC35L180AVV207-1

Specifications | Installation | Software | Power-On




Capacity - up to 180 GB




Rotational Speed - 7200 RPM




Interface standard - ATA-6




Average seek time - 8.5 ms









Capacity (GB[2])




Sector size (bytes)



  Recording zones 27  
  Data heads (physical) 6  
  Data disks 3  
  Max. area density (Gbit/sq. inch) 45.5  
  Max. recording density (BPI) 632,000  
  Track density (TPI) 72,000  



Data buffer[4] 8 MB



Rotational speed (rpm) 7,200



Latency average (ms) 4.17


  Media transfer rate (max. Mbit/sec) 699  
  Interface transfer rate (max. MB/sec) 100  
  Sustained data rate (MB/sec) 56 to 29  
  Seek time (read, typical)[3]    
       Average (ms) 8.5  
       Track to track (ms) 1.1  
       Full track (ms) 15.0  



Error rate (non-recoverable) 1 in 10E14



Start/stops (at 40 C) 40K




Idle (Bels) 3.0 (3 disks)



  Requirement +5 VDC (+/- 5%), +12 VDC (+10%/-8%)  
       Startup current (max. A) 2.0 (+12V) & 0.83A (+5V)  
       Idle (W) 7.0 (3 disks)  
  Height (mm) 25.4  
  Width (mm) 101.6  
  Depth (mm) 146  
  Weight (max. g) 640  


       Ambient temperature 5 to 55 C  
       Relative humidity (non-condensing) 8% to 90%  
       Max. wet bulb (non-condensing) 29.4 C  
       Shock (half sine wave, 2ms) 55G  
       Vibration (random (RMS)) 0.67G for horizontal  
    0.56G for vertical  
  Ambient temperature -40 to 65 C  
  Relative humidity (non-condensing) 5% to 95%  
  Max. wet bulb (non-condensing) 35 C  
  Shock (half sine wave, 2ms) 300G (3 disks)  
  Vibration (random (RMS)) 1.04G RMS (XYZ)  


Quick installation guide page 1    Quick installation guide page 2

Jumper configuration – master drive. The drive is installed as primary bus device.

Used four silver screws supplied with the case to mount the drive into the second bay of the internal drive drawer.

Used a rounded 40-pin 80-conductor ATA 100/133 IDE cable. The cable is color-coded:

  • Blue for the connector to the main board
  • Black for the primary device
  • Grey for the secondary device

The connectors are keyed and fit only one way. Connected the blue plug into the blue IDE header on the main board, and plugged the black connector into the back of the drive. Connected a 4-pin power lead to the drive.

Software and Information

  • Drive Fitness Test - DOS-bootable utility provides a quick, reliable method to test hard disk drives.
  • Disk Manager Partitioning and formatting tool. No longer available for download from Hitachi because systems with Windows XP do not require this software.
  • SMART Defender – monitors SMART[1]-capable IDE and SCSI hard disk drives and assesses the reliability and predicts failures. No longer available for download from Hitachi. There are similar programs available as freeware and shareware.
  • Feature Tool – DOS-bootable tool that allows controlling of some features of newer drives: control read-ahead or write cache, acoustic management, Ultra DMA mode, power mode, drive temperature. Note that within Windows XP, Intel Application Accelerator is used to control some of those features.
  • FAQ by Hitachi
    • I use Microsoft Windows XP, and I've heard about (or experienced) a problem where Hard Disk drives become corrupted when entering "standby" or "hibernation" mode. Does Microsoft offer a fix for this problem?
    • Yes. Microsoft has released a fix for XP users (as of 1/22/2003), which you can download from the Microsoft Web site. For more information, please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article #331958.

Power On – Hard Disk Drive Installed

There is no bootable medium in any of the drives. The POST message is:

  • System completed power on self test

The hard disk drive is recognized as primary master.

POST stops since there is no bootable medium.

The hard disk drive is using UDMA 5 mode.

Used the Drive  Fitness Test tool from Hitachi to perform the Quick Test and the Advanced Test. The disk activity LED at the front of the case is working. All tests succeeded.

Ran the Feature Tool to test temperature.

Enabled SMART.


[1] Self-monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

[2] GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity; accessible capacity may be less.

[3] Includes command overhead.

[4] Upper 227 KB is used for firmware.

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