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Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU



TrueBlue 480 Watt PSU
480 Watt ATX12V Illuminated

TrueBlue 480 Watt PSU












*      Dedicated output circuitry for each voltage output, overcomes the limitations of combined output of traditional design. Get all the power you need when you need it most.

*      Voltage Feedback to maintain accurate voltage to all components: adds stability to your system

*      Antec Low Noise Technology achieves the optimum balance between noise reduction and necessary cooling.

*      ATX12V for AMD and Intel based systems including P4.

*      Internally blue illuminated

*      PFC - Environmentally Friendlier

*      Two double ball bearing fans.

*      Gold plated connectors.


The One Component You Never Think of May Be The Most Important. TruePower from Antec is the most advanced line of PC power supplies from the company that has led the way in power supply design and quality since 1986. These power supplies feature dedicated output circuitry for each voltage so that each output delivers maximum power whenever you need it. To make sure these voltages stay accurate, TruePower also includes voltage feedback circuitry to improve system stability Thanks to Antec New Low Noise Technology, system noise is substantially reduced, too. The power supply fans run at the lowest speed appropriate to load and conditions, controlled by an advanced temperature response system that outperforms previous solutions. Dedicated Fan Only power connectors allow TruePower power supplies to control the speed of case fans, too, thus reducing total system noise.




To test the installed power supply without connection to the main board, the PS-ON pin (pin 14, green wire) needs to be grounded (e.g. pin 13, black wire), for example, with a paper clip.

Note the blue LEDs on the power supply fans and the tri-color LEDs on the top case fan. The 7 fans two of the power supply and 5 in the case are actually reasonably quiet, even when the case fans are running at full speed.

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