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Note: The Java Web Start option of Tower Of Hanoi is recommended because the applet on this page will not work unless the Java3D runtime software is already installed on your system. Web Start will install all required components automatically.

Your browser does not support Java 2 applets.

  • The Java applet on this page requires JRE 1.5 or later, the Java Plug-in and the Java 3D 1.3.2 or later runtime software. Opening this page should start the installation automatically for the JRE and the Plug-in. However, you must install the Java 3D runtime software before you open this page.
  • If the applet does not start correctly - i.e. if you do not see a 3D view of the puzzle - then you most likely do not have Java 3D installed. To verify that you can run other applets, click here and check if that applet works. Additionally you can open the Java Console. You will probably see an error relating to a missing Java 3D class (e.g. javax/vecmath/Tuple3f).
  • Follow these Install Notes for the Java 3D runtime environment. Download and install the latest stable build (1.3.2 as of this writing) for your system. After installation of Java 3D, close all browser windows and then access this page again.

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