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We use the IMatch™ digital image management application to organize several thousands of pictures.

[generation process]The Photo Gallery Generator (a.k.a. the "Extended Photo Gallery Creator", jfPGC) is an extension of the photo gallery generator of IMatch. It can produce self-contained photo galleries for websites or off-line media leveraging the organization and description of images contained in the image database. The generator is adjustable. You can use the many gallery templates that are part of IMatch, use the additional templates provided as examples for jfPGC, or create your own.

Using the Photo Gallery Generator is free! We will gratefully receive your donation as a motivation to keep this project going. Any amount is welcome.

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Major Generator Enhancements

  • The new generator CatTree uses an expandable/collapsible tree structure to navigate the categories of generated pages. This new generator also has all the relevant features of the CatNavPage generator.
  • Many extensions to the CatNavPage generator. The major ones are:
    • The selection of images determines the set of categories that are in the category navigation pages
    • Categories can be excluded from navigation pages
    • Empty category branches can be skipped
    • New variables were added to access properties of parent and child categories.
  • Image files and generated HTML files can be written to subfolders.
  • Images can be manipulated, for example, sharpened.
  • Special sizing of panorama images can be defined.
  • IPTC header information can be copied to the generated output image files.
  • Text can be added to the output images, for example, copyright statements.
  • String manipulation functions enhance the power of KVP and IMatch variables.
  • Light table sorting works for all categories, not just the top category.
  • The documentation was enhanced substantially.
  • Many defects in the original photo gallery generator were fixed.

Major Features of Sample Gallery Templates

  • No popup windows
  • Multiple sizes per image
  • Drop shadow effect around images
  • Tested with MSIE 5.5, 6, 7 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5. The generated galleries should work with every standards-compliant browser.


  • Download jfPGC version 1.4.2
    Compatible with IMatch 3.6 version and later. Follow the installation instructions in the included README file. All 1.4.x versions are functionally equivalent. Later versions contain bug fixes.
  • Download the latest samples of gallery templates.
    Follow the installation instructions in the included README file.
  • Sample generated gallery
  • Documentation
  • License
  • Release Notes
  • Older versions
    • Download jfPGC version 1.4
      Version 1.4 is compatible with IMatch 3.5 version and later. Follow the installation instructions in the included README file. Versions 1.4.1 and 1.4 are functionally equivalent.
    • Download jfPGC version 1.2
      Version 1.2 is compatible with IMatch 3.4 and 3.5 versions earlier than Follow the installation instructions in the included README file. Version 1.2 does not provide all features of version 1.4.

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